4 Social Media Resolutions for Small Businesses

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4 Social Media Resolutions for Small Businesses

Posted By Michael Degnan

Developing social media content for your small business is one of the most effective ways of marketing. Many times though, especially with new business owners, it may be difficult to figure out how to implement them into their business and how to resolve issues that may occur with social media. Learning how to navigate through the sometimes confusing world of social media for small business doesn’t have to be so frustrating, though!

Use communication apps and post consistently across all your social media

Obviously, the point of developing social media content is to communicate with your audience, which consists of both current and potential customers. Start out by deciding what methods of communicating with your audience will work best for your small business. Social media for small business is most effective when you’re being honest about your needs and skills. Some of the apps that get the most attention are YouTube, Skype, Messenger (Yahoo and Facebook) and Slack. These tend to be more one on one communication or group chats, so be honest with yourself about how you’ll be using them before committing. Once you decide, make sure that you’re posting consistently social media content. If you don’t post consistently, your audience may begin to see your business as not being consistent and will not choose to spend their money with you. The majority of new customers are now coming to people through social media – Google especially – so maintaining a consistent social media presence is key to developing your business. Consider use of a content calendar to remind you to post, and develop social media content ahead of time that you can schedule to post without having to remember every time. See more

Decide on a specific target audience and consider paid media

Once you start using social media for small business, pay attention to your audience. What is your product? Who buys it the most? Making sure you’re aware of those facts means you can specifically tailor your social media content to those people. If you sell straight razors, marketing your product towards 40 year old women on Instagram makes no business sense. Decide on and hone your specific target audience to be able to tailor your social media content and develop customer personas to help guide you. This will establish your demographics and what trends the most. It might be worth considering paid media as well. You don’t always have to spend much to boost your social media for small business. Sites like Facebook and YouTube will boost posts, providing significantly more site views. However, even if you do decide to go into paid media, it is your social media content that is still the most important. All the views in the world will do nothing if you haven’t developed quality, consistent content. 75% of your budget with paid media should be in the creation itself, with only 25% going to the actual amplification of your content.

Social media for small business is one of the most important things to consider when looking into your marketing strategy moving forward. Make sure that you develop quality social media content, hone your specific target market, post consistently and consider paid media to boost your business and aim for the stars! See more this site: //top-5-finest-social-media-management-tools/



Written by Michael Degnan

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